Sunday, November 27, 2005

Boycott Target....

For the second straight year Target had banned The Salvation Army collecting outside their stores this Christmas. Target, the store that markets how much they give back to the community does not allow the Organisation that gives more of the dollar collected to actual work to collect outside their stores. Why? Target is supported by gay groups who are against the Army because of their religious beliefs. Isn't this taking it to far? Target, just to maintain their so-called agenda will allow millions of needy people suffer! It is especially incredulous this year after the coffers of the Army and many other charitable organisations are empty due to the Hurricanes. What would be the reaction of these people if the Army stopped helping those with Aids bought on because of their sexuality? A needy person no matter of what their religious, social, politcal, nationality, sexual oriantation will never be turned away from beeing offered help by The Army. This is another example how special interest groups will allow others to suffer just to get their point, which is generally a minority, across.

There are many with different opinions and beliefs in the world some are totally incompatible with each other. However, if this gets in the way of helping ANYONE who is needy it has gone to far. Its time to show Target that we will not tolerate this selfish and inhuman attitude.
Its been a year since I started doing this. The year is noticible buy lack of posts. I guess the question I am asking is "where has that year gone?". I can't believe its nearly Christmas again. Incredible!!!