Sunday, July 30, 2006

Score Update:

International Cricket: England beat Pakistan by an Innings and 12o runs. Second Test Match. England lead series 1-0. Durham's Steve Harmison won the Man of the Match the match figures of 11-76.

Cricket: Durham drew with Middlesex. County Championship Division 1. Durham stay in 6th position in the table.
Middlesex beat Durham by 13 runs. Pro 40 Division One.

Football: Gretna 2 Hartlepool United 3 Pre-Season Friendly.

Baseball: New York Mets 4 Houston Astros 3
New York Mets 4 Houston Astros 8
Houston Astros 0 Cincinnati Reds 2
Houston Astros 8 Cincinnati Reds 5
Houston Astros 4 Cincinnati Reds 8
Houston Astros 7 Arizona Diamondbacks 8
Houston Astros 4 Arizona Diamondbacks 1
Houston Astros 6 Arizona Diamondbacks 7 Astros fall to 49-56 9.5 games behind Division Leaders St. Louis Cardinals.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Finished reading Englels by Terrell Carver. A short study on Friedrich Engels and his relationship with Karl Marx.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Finished Reading: "Executive Orders" by Tom Clancy.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

It is now time to introduce the next two members of our family: Rollo and Coal (Rollo is the tabby and Coal the Black boy).

We adopted these two boys after we moved into our house. Jenn had fallen in love with them a long time before we adopted them, but, due to the fact that we lived in an appartment and already had Nilla and Jubilee we could not, at that moment adopt them. I promised when we bought a house we would, so, I did.

Rollo came into Snowflake when he was pulled from a bad situation. He was a scared little tabby. Coal was a "wild farm cat" that no one could touch. When, this scared little cat moved into his foster home he took him under his wing and took care of him. During this time they both got confident and trusted others. They became totally bonded so they whould not be adopted seperatly. So, there dream home came. They got a home where they got go together and be safe. These scared and wild cats are now friendly, loving lap cats. This once again shows the reason why we work with Snowflake and also illustrate Snowflake's mission.

Score Update:

International Cricket: England drew with Pakistan. First Test Match. Durham's Paul Collingwood score a Century (186)

Cricket: Yorkshire beat Durham by 145 runs. County Championship Division 1. Durham drop to 6th place in the table.

Football: Hartlepool United 2 Leeds United 1 Pre-Season Friendly.

Rugby League: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats 20 Bradford Bulls 42. Superleague. Bradford stays in 4th place.

Baseball: Florida Marilins 9 Houston Astros 3
Chicago Cubs 4 Houston Astros 2
Chicago Cubs 2 Houston Astros 4
Chicago Cubs 4 Houston Astros 1
New York Mets 7 Houston Astros 0 The Astros fall to 46-51 and 9 games behind National League Central Divsion Leaders St. Louis Cardinals.

The new soccer team in the Triangle was given a name on Wednesday. It is the Carolina RailHawks. So, what does the name mean? The reason behind the logic can be found on the website of the local supporters club. The team is going to be in the US Soccer League Division 1
This is the league below MLS, so, in English speak it will be Divsion 2, or in todays jargon, The Championship.

We have a new team to support. Are we going to have the passion for it as we do the Earthquakes? Or I Hartlepool? I doubt it, but, it is going ot be fun.

The new franchise name was announced at a match on Wednesday evening between the USL Division 1 All Stars and Sheffield Wednesday. Some coincidences in the event. The worldest newest professional team announced at a game where one of the Worlds Oldest is playing. Sheffield is actually the home to the worlds oldest team, Sheffield FC now an amateur team. Also one the reason RailHawks was chosen was because Cary was based built as rail hub using steel from England. As Sheffield was the centre of Britsh Steelbuilding there is a very good chance the rails were built with Steel from Sheffield.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Finished reading: "Peter the Great" by Vaili Klyuchevsky.

Score Update:

Football: Top Oss 1 Hartlepool United 1. Pre-Season Friendly
Den Bosch 0 Hartlepool United 0. Pre-Season Friendly

Cricket: Leicestershire beat Durham by 79 runs. Twenty 20 Cup.

Rugby League: Bradford Bulls 30 Catalans Dragons 16. Superleague. Bradford stay in 4th place.

Baseball: Florida Marlins 1 Houston Astros 5
Florida Marlins 3 Houston Astros 1. The Astros are 44-47, now 7 games behind the St. Louis Cardinals.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Score Update:

Cricket: Yorkshire beat Durham by 51 runs. The Twenty 20 Cup.
Durham beat Lancashire by 5 wickets. The Twenty 20 Cup.
Leicestershire beat Durham by 32 runs. The Twenty 20 Cup.
Derbyshire beat Durham by 2 runs. The Twenty 20 Cup. Durham are 6th in the North Division of the Twenty 20 Cup and are eliminated.

Rugby League: Leeds Rhinos 26 Bradford Bulls 24. Superleague. Bradford remain in 4th position.

Baseball: Texas Rangers 5 Houston Astros 7
Houston Astros 7 Chicago Cubs 2
Houston Astros 7 Chicago Cubs 2
Houston Astros 0 Chicago Cubs 1
Houston Astros 4 St. Louis Cardinals 2
Houston Astros 2 St. Louis Cardinals 8
Houston Astros 6 St. Louis Cardinals 7
Houston Astros 5 St. Louis Cardianls 7 The Astros record is now 43-46 and they fall to 6 games below the National League Central Division Leaders, The St. Louis Cardinals.

World Cup Day 25: The Final

Italy 1 France 1 after extra time. Italy win 5-3 on penalties. Obviously the one main memory from this game is one of the greated players ever, Zidane, completely disgrace himself. The game itself was a bit dissapointing. France on the run of play where probably the better team and definatley had the best chances. Italy seemed to have no imagination and no flair.

A great competition is over with one of the teams I though would get to the final, Italy, winning it all.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Finished reading "A Debt of Honor" a Jack Ryan novel by Tom Clancy.

World Cup Day 24: Third Place Play-Off

Germany 3 Portugal 1. Another good performance from a German team that wanted this game. The surprised me and almost made a believer in me. Is this the dawn of a new age of attacking German football away from the typical safe, robotic style they've played over the years. I hope so because it can only be good for the game. They were almost one of the fairest teams, despite having the king of divers, Klinsmann as a coach. He made me a believer in him also wit his passion, determination and above all non-wavering belief in his system and his way. The US wants him to be their coach if the rumours are true. It would be a great choice, but, Germany would be amiss to let him get away.

One game to go and then it is all over for another four (well two really) years.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

World Cup Day 23: Semi-Final

Portugal 0 France 1. A reasonably good game. I thought France deserved the win, although Portugal played well. However, incessent diving once again spoiled their performance.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

World Cup Day 22: Semi-Final

Germany 0 Italy 2 after extra time. A close game where in my opinion the best team won. At the end Italy played for the win where as Germany was playing for penalties. I think Ital are looking good to win it all.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

One of my sporting heroes died today. The great Yorkshire and English fast bowler, Fred Trueman. His nickname "Fiery Fred" totally sums up his characteristic approach to the game. He was the first bowler to get 300 Test Wickets

I was to young to watch him play live, but, as my main interest in cricket is the history of the game I feel like I sae him play. He was my favourite summariser in my years of listening to Test Match Special on the Radio. Yorkshire was my favourite County team for years until Durham became a first class county and as far as the history of the game is concerence they are my favourite "traditional" county.

There are many tributes on the BBC

One of my favourite Examples of him is from Michael Parkinson's tribute:

Trevor Bailey, who was a great friend of Fred's, told me a marvellous story about him once.

Playing against him, Fred felled Trevor with a bouncer - I mean Fred was quick and hostile, and as Bailey lay on the ground, he said: 'I'm sorry, Trevor lad. There's many more around I'd rather hurt than you.'

Score Update:

International Cricket: Sri Lanka beat England by 33 runs. 4th One Day International
Sri Lanka beat England by 8 wickets. 5th One Day International by 8 wickets and win the series 8 wickets.

International Football: England 0 Portugal 0. Portugal win 3-1 on Penalties. World-Cup Quarter Final. England are eliminated.

Cricket: Yorkshire beat Durham by 8 wickets. The Twenty 20 Cup
Nottinghamshire beat Durham by 52 runs. The Twenty 20 Cup
Durham beat Lancashire by 6 wickerts. The Twenty 20 Cup. Durham are 4th place in the North Division.

Rugby League: Salford Reds 17 Bradford Bulls 16. Superleague. Bradford are still in 4th

Baseball: Chicago White Sox 9 Houston Astros 10
Detroit Tigers 10 Houston Astros 4
Detroit Tigers 4 Houston Astros 0
Detroit Tigers 5 Houston Astros 0
Texas Rangers 3 Houston Astros 0
Texas Rangers 0 Houston Astros 7. The Astros fall to 39-42, but stay 5 1/2 games behind National League Central Division Leaders St. Louis Cardinals.

World Cup Day 21: Quarter Finals.

England 0 Portugal 0 after extra time. Portugal win 3-1 on Penalties. I could wax lyrically here about more years of hurt, the pain of another blown chance etc... However, I won't. England did not play well this tournament, but, when down to 10 men for the majority of the second half and extra time they finally played with pride and passion that was for so often missing. English football finally. They also went out without losing a game. Again!! In 2002 I was mad at the capitulation to Brazil this year I am devestated, but, proud. I guess it has to be asked again why can't we take penalties? Portugal should be punished for the worst cheaters and divers in the competition. They do not deserve to by in the semi-finals for that very reason. Hopefully Rooney will grow up and mature. He, in my opinion, deserved to be sent off. The really good news is finally no more Eriksson. Hopefully MaClaren can re-install the English pride and passion. The next few years could be hard as the youth ranks are weak. There are still a good care of players for the future. Time to dream for 2010.

Brazil 0 France 1. One word to sum up this fantastic game: Zidane. The most inceredible individual performance I've seen for a long time. An English guy cheering for the French? If it means seeing more of him. Absolutely!!

All European semi-finals. I predicted this back in December. Not the right teams (Italy, Czech, Sweden and Holland) but I really felt good about the Euro's this year. Right now I think France are the team to beat

My ranking's of teams 5-8 after the Quarter-Finals:

5. Argentina
6. England
7. Brazil
8. Ukraine