Sunday, April 27, 2008

I finished reading:

"Doctor Dogbody's Leg" written by James Norman Hall.

The last track I listened to on my IPOD was track #904, Thank You Lord performed by Don Moen.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yesterday was a very disappointing result in the Pennsylvania Primary with Hilary Clinton winning by 10 points. I do not understand some of the demographics who vote for her as she is much more a democratic elite than Obama, she is only in it for the power and at the end of the day she does not come across like she cares. I guess some people just want to stick with old, tired, tried and failed.

One thing that really irritates me is the way that she is using fear as a campaign strategy. She, her husband and lackeys decried this tactic in the last general election and I'm sure if McCain decides to that in November it will be the greatest crime ever. Her true colours and hypocrisy will come out again.

The good thing about the result was that Clinton was leading by over 2o% points only a few weeks ago so the fact that it was only 10% can be taken as a positive.

The last track I listened to on my IPOD was "Synchronised Instant" composed by Eric Serra from the soundtrack of the Big Blue. It was track #865 on my IPOD.


Sunday, April 20, 2008


The San Jose Earthquakes won their first game back into Major League Soccer yesterday way with a 2-0 away win at Colorado Rapids. The Quakes played good football and deserved the win. One small step, but, the team is already playing in the style reminiscent of the "old" Quakes.

The last track I listened to on my IPOD was the 5th Movement, Largo - Tranquillo from the String Quartet No.3 composed by Henryk Gorecki and performed by the Kronos Quartet. It is track # 853 on my IPOD


Saturday, April 19, 2008


In all my love for sport and teams that I have a passion for there is one that is the number 1, the one I've watched more than any others by a mile, the one I wait every Saturday morning for the result to come through on the message boards. - West Hartlepool Rugby Club. I have told the story many times before about the demise of the team so I will not go there.

Today, however, the climb back up the league system again. A 22-17 win over arch rivals Hartlepool Rovers (for the 4th time this season - also condemning them to Relegation) clinched the North Two East Championship earning promotion to North 1. I am over the moon!!!

To explain how the league system in Rugby Works I will attempt to describe the pyramid. This National System was established in the late 80's West Started out in National Division Three before advancing to the heady levels of the Premiership before the decline set in. Below I will list the leagues in order and also mention some teams that I have seen West play in those leagues over the years.

The Premiership - (Gloucester, Bath, Harlequins, London Wasps, Sale, Saracens, London Irish, Bristol)
National League One - (Northampton, Exeter, Nottingham, Bedford, Coventry, London Welsh, Plymouth Albion, Moseley)
National League Two - (Otley, Manchester, Blackheath, Blaydon, Waterloo, Nuneaton, Halifax)
National League Three North and National League Three South - (Tynedale, Mowden Park, Fylde, Harrogate, Preston Grasshoppers, Bradford and Bingley, Rugby Lions, Morley, London Scottish, Lydney, Rosslyn Park, Clifton)
London One, North 1, Midlands 1 and South West 1 - (Richmond, Kendal, Huddersfield, Westoe, Birkenhead Park, Hull, Middlesbrough, Darlington, Liverpool St. Helens, Loughborough Students, Maidenhead)
Then breaks down further to where North-East Two is. Therefore West are currently in the 6th level of the pyramid about to be promoted to the 5th).

What is frustrating in reading the list of the teams all through the years when I watched West going back to 1979 we were a much better team and most them could not even be on the same field. However, we survived and are moving up again!!)

In honour of this I an going to change the colour of my blog background to Green...

Oh yes, did I mention:-


It's been a long time since I have posted the cats and kittens that we have fostered over the years so it's time I resumed where I left off!!

Cherub was the next little guy. A sweet boy. He came to us the week of April 4th 2006 and was adopted the week of May 16th.


"You fools" Paul says
To the Church in Galatia
To the Church today
And to me.
"You got confused
You got misled
Add your rules
And prejudices too."
"Listen to me" he says in anger
"Listen to Christ
Look at the Cross
You don't need laws
Just look in faith
And you'll be free."
In his anger he loves
In his frustration he hurts
As the Master he serves
Is disobeyed and ignored.
In love he says
"Live by The Spirit
And leave sin behind.
Be like trees
Grow and develop fruit.
Be Patient.
Be Kind.
Have love and joy.
Have peace and self-control.
Be gentle
And be faithful.
Be faithful
To the Christ you serve."
Finally he closes
After opening his heart.
"May the Grace of Jesus
Be with you evermore
For today and generations to come."

8th April 1996 - Skegness, Lincolnshire, England.
I finished reading:

"Fyodor Dostoyevsky - A Writer's Life" written by Geir Kjetsaa.

The last track I listened to on my IPOD was The 2nd movement, Largo, Cantabile from the String Quartet No.3, Op.67 composed by Henrk Gorecki performed by the Kronos Quartet. This was track # 839 on my IPOD.


Friday, April 11, 2008

I finished reading the Bible Book of 2 Kings.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I finished reading:

"Beneath the Wheel" written by Hermann Hesse and "The Last Days of Socrates" written by Plato.

I read these books on my latest trip which was to Fort Lauderdale.

I finished reading:

"The Radetzky March" written by Joseph Roth. I actually started this book on my last trip a couple of weeks ago and nearly finished it on the way home. However, as I was already reading the book Lenin at home I went back to that. The reason for this is that I do not take Hardbacks when I fly as they take up too much space, so any hardbacks I am reading get left behind and continued when I get home.

The last track I listened to on my IPOD was the first movement, Moderato alla breve, of Stravinsky's Symphony in C. This is track 775 on my IPOD.


Monday, April 07, 2008

I listened to:

"Abba - Number Ones" performed by Abba.


I finished reading:

"The Life and Death of Lenin" written by Robert Payne.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Christ Died

As we walk down a street
What do we see?
A begger
A loser for all to see!
A black man
He'll probably mug some day!
A Gay man
He'll soon be dead from AIDS!
A business man,
He must be good!
A young mother pushing a pram
Should have been more careful!
What I see is people.
People for whom Christ Died.

7th April 1996 - Skegness, Lincolnshire, England.

I spent a lot of time wondering if I should actually post this, as perhaps some of the comments could be perceived as controversial. However, I decided to. Why? Because living in the States, and especially in this election year we hear a lot about Race, Prejudice's and bigotry etc.. It is so wrong. We all created by God as equals. We as humans do not have the right to judge ANYONE based on ANYTHING. Society, however, is different. Unfortunately. The really sad thing is a lot of these prejudices come not from the ordinary people but the leaders, be it political, cultural or religious. People who are educated and should know better. Just pay attention to comments made during this election on both sides. This is not a political comment just reality. It makes me sick. AGAIN everyone is created EQUALLY by God. HE ALONE has the right to judge. We are commanded to love everyone unconditionally. Christ Died for EVERYONE. If this message were truly understood we could really see a peaceful world. That is why I wrote this poem 12 years ago and that's why I decided to post it because things have not changed, in fact, and I hesitate to say this I think bias and prejudices are getting worse not better. This breaks my heart.

Whilst watching the DC United vs Toronto FC Major League Soccer Game I was struck by an interesting fact. When Jamie Moreno entered the game at the beginning of the Second Half that made three players who used to play for the "big" three North-East of England football teams on an MLS field at the same time. The more remarkable thing is that there was one representing all of the teams:-

Jamie Moreno (DC United) - Middlesbrough
Carl Robinson (Toronto FC) - Sunderland
Laurent Robert (Toronto FC) - Newcastle United.

DC won the game 4-1 so I guess Teeside beats Wearside and Tyneside!!

I listened to:

"The Best of The Alarm" performed by The Alarm.

The last track I listened to on my IPOD was "She's Not the Cheating Kind" by Brooks and Dunn. It is track number 754 on my IPOD.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I received my new San Jose Earthquake replica shirt yesterday. Ready for the Season to start at last. The first game is tomorrow against the evil, hated LA Galaxy.

The last thing I listened to on my IPOD was "The Seasons - Prelude III" composed by John Cage from the Album "Early Piano Music" performed by Herbert Henck. It was track 736.