Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yesterday was a very disappointing result in the Pennsylvania Primary with Hilary Clinton winning by 10 points. I do not understand some of the demographics who vote for her as she is much more a democratic elite than Obama, she is only in it for the power and at the end of the day she does not come across like she cares. I guess some people just want to stick with old, tired, tried and failed.

One thing that really irritates me is the way that she is using fear as a campaign strategy. She, her husband and lackeys decried this tactic in the last general election and I'm sure if McCain decides to that in November it will be the greatest crime ever. Her true colours and hypocrisy will come out again.

The good thing about the result was that Clinton was leading by over 2o% points only a few weeks ago so the fact that it was only 10% can be taken as a positive.

The last track I listened to on my IPOD was "Synchronised Instant" composed by Eric Serra from the soundtrack of the Big Blue. It was track #865 on my IPOD.


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