Friday, December 31, 2010

I finished reading:

"Russka - The Novel of Russia" written by Edward Rutherford. 945 Pages.

The 53rd and final book of 2010.

The final stats for this year are: 53 books finished, 19,391 pages at an average of 366 pages per book.

Comparison to 2009: 69 books, 22,540 pages at an average of 327 pages at and 2008 which was 97 books, 32,099 pages at an average of 331 pages per book. Therefore this was fewest books and the fewest pages read over the last three years, but, the average book size was the greatest.

Onto 2011, the same goal - 52 books. i.e. An average of one a week.

Happy New Year,