Monday, August 31, 2009

I finished reading:

"Richthofen, The Red Baron" written by Emile C. Schurmacher. 184 Pages.

Book # 43, 13877 pages at 323 per book.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

I finished reading:

"Gideon's Power" written by J.J. Marric. 224 pages

"Golden Girl" written by Simon Gandolfi based on Alistair MacLean's screenplay. 291 pages.

These are books 41 and 42 for the year. 13,693 at 326 pages per book.


Friday, August 21, 2009

I finished reading:

"The English Channel" written by Nigel Calder. 352 pages. This book is about the Geography, Geology and History of the Channel.

"Will you Choose Joy, reflections of Philipians" written by Captain Normajean Honsberger. This was a special book for two reasons. The first is the inspiration of Mrs Honsberger who despite suffering from cancer herself and losing her husband from cancer never lost her faith. The second is that she and her husband were in charge of the Camp where Jenn and met and more importantly she was the minister who married us. She was an inspiration when she was alive and her example is still an inspiration even though she is no longer with us.

There are books 39 and 40 for the year for a total of 13,178 pages at 329 per book.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Health Care debate in this Country is now really starting to irritate me. I have expressed my views many, many times before so I do not wish to re-hash them at the moment. What has my ire at the moment are the lies and fear mongering that is going on, or lobbyists trying to add clauses to the bill that they want. Isn't about time that the Country get beyond Party Politics, get beyond any individual agenda and for once do what was right.

The Country and Constitution was formed by men trying to do what was right. Putting aside their own differences and doing what was right. We need to do this again. What is right is that every single hard working family, every person who has given so much to their society, every kid who has not even had the chance to live have the right to be able to get their health taken care of without worrying about it, without having to give up all other dreams. In fact we hear of the American dream, how about not destroying it just because through no fault of their own they get sick despite working for 40, 60, 80 hours. This is "a right". It is just. It is fair. It is putting it plain and simply the RIGHT thing to do.

Before I finish this rant I have one more. I am especially angry when I hear Christians be against this because a fear of "Socialism". I want to challenge every one to ask what would Christ do? The Christ who ate with outcasts in Society, who gave everything he had for free. Gave his life for free because it was the right thing to do. A healing Christ, a healing Church and you are opposed to everyone having the chance to have health.

Come on. Let's do this Country, the founding fathers, Christ, every individual proud and to the RIGHT thing.

Being a Christian is easy right? An easy option, a crux to fall back on?

In some ways if you want it to be I guess the answer is it could be. Accept Christ and that's all you have to do for peace of mind.

However, that's not at all it. It is trying to live a life that follows Christ. It's also not who shouts the loudest, who preaches the loudest, who gives the most or even if one can raise someone from the dead.

The guide, as discussed in Church the last series is found in 1 Corinthians 13, the so called "Love Chapter" that many, many people know from weddings. "Love is patient, love is kind etc.." What this chapter states sounds easy. Love. Yeah I can do that. It's not that easy. What does this involve in a daily life. Some example: Self-Control, patience, kindness, joy, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, slow to anger etc.. etc.. Characteristics that have to exhibited in every aspect of your daily life no matter what situation. Not so easy.

My goal: To try. I will fail many, many times every day, but, the goal is to try, try and try again.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

I finished reading:

"Blood on the Shores, Soviet SEALs in World War II" an autobiography written by Viktor Leonov. 213 Pages.

Book number 38 this year for 12,686 pages at 334 per book.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

This is something I've been planning to do on my blog for a while. In some just to ramble on and crystallise my thoughts.

I am talking about discussing things that crop up in my faith. Mainly I was planning on discussing questions or thoughts that I may have had during a Church Service or Small Group meeting.

Why? I post about books I read, music I listen to, Cats we fostered, politics, sports, my family etc... However, a very important part of my life, the most important part is my faith and it is only mentioned in passing.

Why haven't I earlier? I think it was because I did not want to come across to any who read this blog as preaching as that's not what I want or am about. Also, people who read this will know, or it will be patently obvious that I am not perfect, therefore, I did not want to come across hypocritically or false an imagine that Christians are so often perceived. For me my faith is not a thing to preach it is an attempt at a way of life, a way of life that I so often fail in everyday, but, a way of life that I strive to reach, despite these failures.

Why Start now? The message at Church today was about relationships, especially with God and how it should infuse all of ones life and how everything should be committed. Therefore, despite my reticence I have decided to move forward with this. I am sure I will not write every week, but, I aim to frequently.

For those who read this I hope it does not drive you away or you think, oh no another religious crazy, but, I hope you will see how this is important in my life and how it shapes so many other opinions and thoughts in my life.


Saturday, August 08, 2009

The next kitten we fostered was Sloane. He was a little orange boy that we got at an adopathon in October 2006. A couple who had previously adopted from Snowflake found him under an overpass in Cary, NC. They picked him and brought him to where we would be. We took him and he was adopted out on December 3rd.


Friday, August 07, 2009

I've just got home after a couple of days on the road. This incorporated going to four States: Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. Two of these Missouri and Kansas are new States for me. This means that I now been to 37 of the 50 States. It also meant that I went to a new airport for me: Kansas City.

I also read two books on this trip:

"Catch a Falling Spy" written by Len Deighton (322 pages) and "The Moscow Club" written by Joseph Finder (530 pages).

These were books 36 and 37 of the year for 12473 pages averaging 337 pages per book.

I finished reading:

"Spy Sinker" written by Len Deighton. 435 pages.

The last of the three book series.

35th book of the year. 11621 pages at 332 pages per book.


Sunday, August 02, 2009


The strings scream out
Trying to be heard
Above the noise and
Trying to impact
The desert that is
This cultural wasteland.

Christ cries out
Trying to be heard
Above the sin and
Trying to impact
This nation that is
This spiritual wasteland.

28th March 1997 - Spring Harvest, Skegness, Lincolnshire, England.

Time for the next cat we fostered. She was Pumpkin. She came to us after her original foster Mom died and she did not work in another foster home. Unfortunately she was not with us very long because she also did not settle into our foster home. After moving through two other foster homes she's found her perfect home with two other Snowflake volunteers who fell in love with her and she now has a fantastic loving home.

- Richard
I finished reading:

"Spy Line" written by Len Deighton, the second book of the trilogy. 323 pages.

34th book this year, 11186 pages at 329 pages per book.