Saturday, July 01, 2006

World Cup Day 21: Quarter Finals.

England 0 Portugal 0 after extra time. Portugal win 3-1 on Penalties. I could wax lyrically here about more years of hurt, the pain of another blown chance etc... However, I won't. England did not play well this tournament, but, when down to 10 men for the majority of the second half and extra time they finally played with pride and passion that was for so often missing. English football finally. They also went out without losing a game. Again!! In 2002 I was mad at the capitulation to Brazil this year I am devestated, but, proud. I guess it has to be asked again why can't we take penalties? Portugal should be punished for the worst cheaters and divers in the competition. They do not deserve to by in the semi-finals for that very reason. Hopefully Rooney will grow up and mature. He, in my opinion, deserved to be sent off. The really good news is finally no more Eriksson. Hopefully MaClaren can re-install the English pride and passion. The next few years could be hard as the youth ranks are weak. There are still a good care of players for the future. Time to dream for 2010.

Brazil 0 France 1. One word to sum up this fantastic game: Zidane. The most inceredible individual performance I've seen for a long time. An English guy cheering for the French? If it means seeing more of him. Absolutely!!

All European semi-finals. I predicted this back in December. Not the right teams (Italy, Czech, Sweden and Holland) but I really felt good about the Euro's this year. Right now I think France are the team to beat

My ranking's of teams 5-8 after the Quarter-Finals:

5. Argentina
6. England
7. Brazil
8. Ukraine


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