Saturday, July 01, 2006

One of my sporting heroes died today. The great Yorkshire and English fast bowler, Fred Trueman. His nickname "Fiery Fred" totally sums up his characteristic approach to the game. He was the first bowler to get 300 Test Wickets

I was to young to watch him play live, but, as my main interest in cricket is the history of the game I feel like I sae him play. He was my favourite summariser in my years of listening to Test Match Special on the Radio. Yorkshire was my favourite County team for years until Durham became a first class county and as far as the history of the game is concerence they are my favourite "traditional" county.

There are many tributes on the BBC

One of my favourite Examples of him is from Michael Parkinson's tribute:

Trevor Bailey, who was a great friend of Fred's, told me a marvellous story about him once.

Playing against him, Fred felled Trevor with a bouncer - I mean Fred was quick and hostile, and as Bailey lay on the ground, he said: 'I'm sorry, Trevor lad. There's many more around I'd rather hurt than you.'


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