Monday, December 01, 2008

Book Review....

I broke with my system of reading books in the order I got them!!! Those that know me will be shocked by this!! The reason is that I was sent a book to review.

The book in question is "Historic Photos of Raleigh - Durham" a book of approximately 200 historical photos of the cities of Raleigh and Durham going back to the 1790's when Raleigh was established as the North Carolina State Capital. It is not so much a "reading" book, but, one of interest to those who have a local interest in the development and growth of these two cities. It is incredible how far they have come. There is a small amount of very informative text written by Dusty Walcott and Kenneth E. Peters and will make a good gift for the local Triangle historian and those interested in this area. The photographs are very clear and give a very good pictoral narrative which makes any major writting redundant. The book is published by Turner Publishing.


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