Sunday, May 30, 2010

S or C = Harmony?

One of the biggest challenges, or, things I am struggling with at the moment is living the Christian walk in the business world.

The question is how to live the Spiritual life in the everyday cuts and thrust of the business world. Do the decisions I make honour God? Do I treat those that I work for, work with and work for me with honesty, integrity and a Christlike Spirit?

The obvious things, although, these can still be challenge are such things as illicit sex, perversion, drug use etc... The harder things are jealousy, anger, selfish ambitions, conflict, envy etc... the corrupt nature. (Galatians 5:19-21). There are so many things in the Corporate world that it is perceived you need to do to survive and have a career. Decisions that impact others lives all for the Almighty Dollar. Some one said to me last week that I must have stabbed people in the back to do well in my career thus far. It made me think did I? Perhaps, I can't remember, but, i really, really hope not. This led to the question if this is the life I want or need with such a perception, such an expectation. Is it possible? There are things that one is expected to do everyday that really pushes the boundary of what is the Spiritual nature if what slips into the Corrupt nature. I have to ask the question everyday if this is what I should be doing. On the flip side. We are called to work hard. Work hard and honour God in everything we do. It isn't easy. Was never meant to be easy. Mistakes will happen, wrong decisions will be made but the Spirit has to be there. Therefore, I believe wherever I am I is the right place I need to be now and I pray everyday that I can be successful in my career doing it the right way, the Spiritual way. Wherever that will lead me that is my hope, desire and prayer.

This leads me to the second part of this. Living the Spiritual way leading to Harmony in everything we do, be it social, Church or work. Where is the point were right IS right and wrong IS wrong? A difference in issues within a Church such as is eating meat right or wrong is where differences can be embraced. Differences that are completely different to The Bible's teaching or the Spiritual Nature taught in Galatians is where there is wrong and right and where we should stand up for it. Christians need to find harmony amongst ourselves be, but, we also need to show the World the true nature of Christ and stand up against what is wrong. The must be done in the way Christ would have done. Not with anger, such as blowing up abortion clinics, but, with love, gentleness and compassion. Responding the wrong way is as much a victory for wrong as is the issue that originally is wrong. Both are victories of the corrupt nature. Responding the right way is what will make a true difference in the World. This is what will help create harmony. This is not weak. It is strong.

Christ heart is for equality, fairness, love, the poor, the weak etc... This is the harmony we should be seeking.

In conclusion. However difficult this is, however many times I fail, I am doing a job I generally enjoy to the best of my ability and to show Christ everyday step of the way. This way I will be successful, even if it is not how "the world" would perceive it to be a success.

I am going to try and make this a theme in some of my posts on here. Failure and successes, challenges and victories. A kind of study of trying to live the life talked by Paul in Galatians in 2010 and beyond.


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