Sunday, May 22, 2011

An interesting though stuck me during a sermon at Church this morning. The subject was "Why does God Allow Suffering?". That is a very difficult to answer and this is not the purpose of this post. Something that was mentioned in passing got me thinking.

The comment was made that suffering gets people angry. It should, although, I understand, at least to the best of my limited ability the reasons why I get very angry at suffering, unfairness, greed etc... As a Christian surely we should be angry at all these things and I get mad when I hear people say "life isn't fair". On the flip side Atheist who generally believe in evolution or some variation on theme should not be bothered by say starvation or lack of health care etc. Why? because they follow the doctrine of survival of fittest and natural selection for example.

Extrapolating this to the current Political situation in the US and I am speaking very generally here The Evangelical, Conservative wing tend to be right wing Republicans against any form of social help. On the other side the liberal wing and atheist are Democrats espousing social reform and assistance. Surely this is completely backwards? The evolutionists for social help and the Christians against it? I know one of the arguments is for small Government and Government shouldn't be involved. My question is why not? If I believe in My God and Saviour who I know wants us to show compassion why cannot be demonstrated in the political world. If we all banded together and showed this love through everything including our politics how much more good could we do?


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