Sunday, August 07, 2011

Here is something I have thinking a lot about recently. As you know our life changed dramatically with the move from NC to TX and it's been very unsettled, we have yet to find a Church we feel comfortable linking up with and life is just plain busy and at times out of control. I think it's time like this we need to move away from the distraction that come in our way, move away from unnecessary complications and look to the simple Truth of our Faith and linking into the analogy that I am going to use drink from the "Well of His Love". Water. A simple thing we need to survive as Humans right? Ok, so it can by steam and Ice different, but, yet the same co-existing separately and also at the same time (obviously a great example to describe the Trinity, but, in this case). So,we have made the water more complicated. So, what is water? Everyone knows - H2O. Simple? Wrong. In each state it is held together differently and is more technically H3+ O-. OK, but it can also be Deuteriated or tritiated (D2O or T2O). Is that where it ends? No. Each atom has different excited discrete energy states ionically or covalently bonded, with that there are different electron orbitals, each atom combining mesons, quarks buzzing around etc.. etc.. etc... Each having it's perfect purpose, but, in life we are thirsty, we are in a drought (like here in TX) we are dying because of needing something to drink does it matter? No, what matters is that water is necessary for life and without it we would die. What I am trying to say is in the battle of life does it matter if Schrodinger equations are correct or we can get a drink of water. I can understand the chemistry, but, if I am stuck in a desert with nothing to drink would that matter? Likewise, Spiritually does it matter what nuances of theology or doctrine say or to "Live in the Presence of God" and accept His Salvation and get His Water of life? Don't get me wrong I love delving in to deep matters as much as anyone and it is important to understand, but, what I am trying to say is we cannot get so distracted we forget what our childlike faith should be.

It doesn't quite come out right on paper, so I hope it kinda makes sense!!


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Catharsiz said...

I absolutely agree. God wouldn't make God realisation an intellectual exercise. Simple faith and love are probably the ingredients which transcend theology.