Monday, December 26, 2005

As, that will become very obvious, I am big sports fan I figured it is time to list the teams that I ma fan of and those that I follow. There is a difference between the two as a true fan lifes for the victory and dies for the defeat, whilst a follower is intersted in the outcome, but, does not have the emotion invested.

Teams I Support

Of course it goes to say all the England National Teams and the US soccer team (unles playing against England)

Rugby Union:
West Hartlepool

Football: Hartlepool United
San Jose Eathquakes

Cricket: Durham County

American Football: New York Giants

Teams I Follow

Rugby Union:
Raleigh Rugby Club

Rugby League: Bradford Bulls

Baseball: Houston Astros

Ice Hockey: Carolina Hurricanes

Basketball: Houston Rockets

On every Sunday or Monday I will do a score update...


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