Thursday, December 15, 2005

It looks as if today is the last day for the San Jose Earthquakes Soccer Team. Below is my initial post I made on the Big Soccer forum. I believe that mircales can happen and I am never one to give up, but, in this case it is over. Where this leaves me in my support of Soccer in this country it is still to early to tell. It needs time for the emotion and anger to be lessened.

On a cold, damp. icy day....

I am grateful for the Quakes. For giving me a passion in a "foreign" country which even got stronger has work moved me East. I am grateful to the Quakes for giving me a sport and passion to share with my wife. I still don't know how to wake her up and tell her:( I am grateful got SSV and the tireless effort that they put into this task. They are the true leaders of Soccer in this country, they give us one fantastic last Season where we were the best in the Country. I am grateful for every one of you that I've come to know on these and other boards. I could never post as much as I would like, but, we need to keep this fraternity together. I am grateful that I got to enjoy three Soccer championships, something that in all my 30 plus years as a soccer fan I never enjoyed with any other team (England and Hartlepool). I am grateful that I will be able to wear my 2001 San Jose Earthquake shirt with pride tomorrow. NO ONE can take that away from me. NO ONE can take that away from us.

I am angry and upset at MLS. There blindness staggers me. What this team has given the sport in terms of quality, excitement, atmosphere, classic games is beyond compare. I find them the most culpable. They are weak in there support of our team, they are weak in their ability not to be controlled by short term ideas rather than the future. I am stunned that this could happen. In a way I wish the team was folded so that no other city can take credit for the ability of our team. When the league realises that the Chivas vs Galaxscum Derby is not all its cracked up to be and thet the manufactured Houston vs Dallas derby is not all its cracked up to be and they ask themselves where is the rivalry game that has the passion that sport has the rest of the world I would love to be in Garbers office and say "look what you've done, you weak, ineffectual human being!"

Where does that leave me in supporting the sport in this Country. As Englisman I have embraced the league here and the National Team. As I write here no more. My heart and soul is ripped out. Perhaps in time I will be able to follow the league and I certainly want every one of the players who've worn our blue and died there on the field of battle well, and as dfb547490 said, it will be those guys that I will follow. I was thinking about buying a new 2005 jersey, but, no I am not as I am not giving another penny back to those bastards.

I believe we can rise like the Phoenix. I believe the Earthquakes will be great again in the Bay Area. Until then Au revoir.


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