Thursday, March 16, 2006

So, its NCAA Basketball time and the tournament. Although I don't really follow College Basketball I always do a bracket so here it is, well the highlights and upsets:

Atlanta Region:

First Round: Upsets (Lower beating higher): NC Wilmington (9) over George Washington (8), Texas A & M (12) over Syracuse (5) and NC State (10) over California (7)
Second Round Winners: Duke, LSU, West Virginia and Texas
Sweet Sixteen Winners: Duke and West Viriginia
Regional Winner: Duke

Oakland Region:

First Round: Upsets: San Diego State (11) over Indiana (6) and Alabama (10) over Marquette (7)
Second Round Winners: Memphis, Kansas, Gonzaga and UCLA
Sweet Sixteen Winner: Kansas and UCLA
Regional Winner: Kansas

Washington DC Region:

First Round: Upsets: Seton Hall (10) over Wichita State (7)
Second Round Winners: Kentucky, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee
Sweet Sixteen Winners: Illinois and North Carolina
Regional Winner: North Carolina

Minneapolis Region:

First Round: Upsets: Wisconsin (9) over Arizona (8) and Wisconsin Milwaukee (11) over Oklahoma (6)
Second Round Winners: Villanova, Boston College, Florida and Georgetown
Sweet Sixteen Winners: Boston College and Georgetown
Regional Winner: Boston College

Final Four:

Duke over Kansas
North Carolina over Boston College


Duke over North Carolina


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