Saturday, March 27, 2010

So, what do I think of the infamous health care bill passed by Congress this week?

I guess, most people who know me would think that I would be ecstatic. I am pleased that it is a step in the right direction, but, not particularly happy because the bill, although it is progress it is still watered down too much and once again the individual personal politics, biases, irrational fears and kick-backs of the members of congress produced a weak bill. In the end of the day those making too much money out of the sick still get to do so. In my opinion this is almost like an insurance watchdog law, similar to car Insurance rather than a wholesale change. By this, I mean the government controls rate increases, the refusal of treatment and discrimination for pre-existing conditions. Yes, it will mean more people will be able to afford health care, but, it still has way too much power in the hands of the insurance companies and not the doctors.

What, I don't get is the complete hysterical reaction by the right. In a way they've won. This is not a "socialised" health care. It is no where near. In fact for those people who already have healthcare they "should" see a premium decrease because the extra premiums to cover those who go to emergency rooms with coverage etc.. etc.. should now not happen.

What is interesting is that some States are challenging the ruling saying it should be a States role to for Health Care and not the Federal Government. I agree with this to a certain degree . I think the ideal would be the Federal Government mandating the States to provide an affordable and guaranteed health care to all their citizens, allowing the States to chose how this is done. The Federal Government should only step in as a mediator, or "enforce" where the State fails to take care of it's citizens.

A long, long way to go and as I posted previously let's get away from this selfish party politics and personal gains and for once do what is right for all the Citizens of this Country.


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