Saturday, April 10, 2010

15 minutes to the read-a-thon starting. I've had a cuppa tea and am ready to go.

The usual MO will take place for me where I read books in the order I got them. I do not know what is next as I do not look ahead. It could be heavy, light, long or short I will not know until I look at "the list" when one is finished.

This time my goal is to read about 900 pages as I will be losing four hours this evening to go to a Soccer game. In my previous 4 I have read about 1100-1200 pages so this seems a sensible goal. However, a lot depends on the books that I am reading.

I will post updates at the end of every hour and post when a book is actually finished.

I am starting with the book I am currently reading, which is "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" written by Thomas Kuhn. Currently I am on page 12 (out of 210).

For fellow "read-a-thoners" have fun and enjoy the reading!!


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Felicia S. said...

Good Luck! Go Team Woodsworth! What a great selection you have there---Happy Reading!