Saturday, January 01, 2011

A new year.....

So, 2010 has gone and we are on to 2011. Last year was a strange year full of adventure, uncertainty and change.

We went back to England for the first time in twelve years, which, was a good time with family and catching up with friends.

The big change this year is work. Agilent completed the take over of Varian causing a change of job moving my location from North Carolina to Texas. Hopefully this relocation will happen in early 2011, but, some road blocks and bumps in the road have cropped up causing some anxiety.

The theme for me of 2010 was "Trust". Probably, for the first time for a long time I really struggled to trust God. In many ways, almost denial to what I felt His will was. I fought and struggled at every opportunity. The irony is when I finally accepted that we would be relocating as we felt that was His will all the problems have occurred causing us to spin back into doubt and confusion again. It takes me back to my favourite Bible Verse: "Be Bold, Be Strong For The Lord Your God is with You."

The theme, I believe for 2011 will be once again Trust, but, I think the key word will be "change" because whatever happens 2011 will be year of change be it we do move to Texas or things don't happen and we stay in North Carolina.

Happy New Year, Trust in Him and He WILL provide.