Friday, November 26, 2004

Hate. Its a word we hear a lot at the moment.

I find this trend very disturbing. The one I am talking about is that coming from the the left in American politics. We've heard for a long time about the intolerence of the right. Intolerent towards homosexuals, race, abortion etc... However, it is becoming more and more apparent that it is coming from the other side.

During the last election from Michael Moore to the New York times the hate and lies against Bush were amazing. Ok, you do not like the guy, that is one thing. I certainly do not like a lot of his policies, but hate? Isn't that hypocritical? Liberalism, by the definition of the word in the States is anti-hate. However, is looks more and more like it is anti-hate only when it is things that they agree with. If it is opposite to their so called "intellectual" ideals they must therefore hate it. It can't be both ways. I do not see how some can be Liberal and have this indoctrination. I will comment for on this later as there are countless areas where the doctrine of the left in the States fails. It fails itself, but, more in particularly those they claim to protect i.e. the underpriveldged of society.

The intellectual left don't care a jot about the regular Joes like myself. They spout about "sharing the wealth". Mr Moore and Mr Kerry I will be more than happy for you to share the wealth with me. They claim they are for giving eveyone a fair health care system. Ok, Mr Edwards stop doing ludicrous law suits that cause Drs insurance to go through the roof passing the costs on to the average working man that you claim to care about.

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