Saturday, November 27, 2004

It still seems surreal. A Saturday morning listening to Radio 5 Live on the BBC. Listening to Sports Report, just like I used to as a kid back home. Totally weird.

I have definatly become much more patriotic since I left home. I guess, its the issue that, especially in the States there is a much greater focus on the Flag, the National Anthem and the Country itself.

This morning I was listening to the Rugby international between England and Australia. Rugby is by far my favourite sport. Ever since my Dad took me to see the Boxing Day game between West Hartlepool and Hartlepool Rovers in 1979. A game west won 17-0. I was hooked and went to hundreds of games. I remeber sheltering in the back of a stand watching West vs Orrell in the middle of a gale. I remember the knock-out cup quarter final vs Bristol when Derek Boyds last minute kick to win the game went wide. I remember the promotions through the leagues and having great trip to places like Bristol and Wasps. I remember the devestation of the professional era when our club was destroyed for money, leaving us without a ground and team. Now, from a distance I can watch with pride as the Phoenix rises. Ok, they are struggling in a low league, but they survive!!!

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