Sunday, March 16, 2008

After a long wait of 2 1/2 years I finally got the chance to watch my San Jose Earthquakes to play yesterday, albeit, via a live web cast . It was the first match of the pre-Season Carolina Challenge Cup in Charleston, South Carolina. I was actually hoping to perhaps go down for one of the weekends, but, other events have made this not going to happen. The Quakes actually won this tournament their last season before being moved. It was also the first Championship that the Houston Dynamo won in their first year. From what I could see the team looked OK for an expansion team. Obviously there are lots of areas that need improvement, but,I think they could do alright this year, although will struggle for a play-off place. They won the game 1-0 of Toronto on a goal by defender Jason Hernandez after an ugly melee in the box after a corner.

The cool thing is that I am really looking for to the American Soccer Season for the first time since the Quakes moved. This also rubs of onto watching the USL an the Carolina RailHawks. Although I enjoyed last year my heart wasn't 100% in it is I was disillusioned with the American Soccer scene due to what happened with the Quakes. Although the Quakes are undoubtedly my top team, I think I will enjoy the RailHawks more this year because my passion for the sport over here is back. Infact, due, to what I went through with the Quakes, I think they may have even overtaken Hartlepool as my #1 football team. The only way to really know that would be if they play. What I do know is that my interest in the English Premier League is at an all time low and I have watched very few games this year. I think part of my problem with that is that "most" people over here follow the big teams and I get a bit sick of it. There are some exceptions and those people I really respect.

It's gonna to be a fun Season. Live games with the RailHawks. We are planing on going to DC to see a couple of games, there is a chance to we may get to see San Jose game there and possibly a Houston game in Houston. Also with Jenn sticking with the Houston Dynamo (the re-located team) as they also became her home town team and me staying with San Jose we should have some fun "Soccer Saturdays". At least we will be able to agree on the RailHawks!!


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