Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I know I've harped on about this on the past, but, once again The Oscars managed to irritate me. In my opinion it was actually a very good show which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, once again a couple of award winners managed to spoil the night with inane comments. These were two winners from the movie "Milk".

The first was from the guy, who I believe wrote the screenplay. He was openly gay and made the comment about God loving him. Well, duh!! God loves everyone without exception. What God does not love is the blatent disregard for His law and teaching.

The other was Sean Penn winning the Male Actor award. He went off about the vote in California for Gay Marriage being legalised and that those who voted against it will come enlightened (my paraphrase). Well, basically he saying millions of people are wrong and he Mr Penn, must be right and secondly the Government has absolutely no say in Marriage. It is a Church ceremony or more correctly Sacrament. If the Church says it is not be so be it. If the Church it is to be so be it. The Government can allow recognision in a "civil" way in whatever it wants, but, Marriage it cannot have any say on at all. I'm sure Mr Penn is one hunderd percent in favour of seperation of Church and State, but, by pushing this agenda he obviously does not understand at all what it is about. Keep to acting sir!!


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