Sunday, February 15, 2009

OK, so I haven't written much on here recently. Basically by the time I finish work I am really sick of being on the computer and want nothing else to do with it. So, what I have decided to do is copy the note "25 Random things about me" from my facebook page.

25. I'm a Citizen of two Countries.

24. I never had any animals until Oreo changed my life.

23. The most friendly country I have visited is Sri Lanka.

22. The most spectacular city I have visited is St. Petersburg.

21. I am a man of few words.

20. I am a Scientist and an artist.

19. I am a Liberal and a Conservative (US Politics)

18. In my opinion the greatest sportsman in history by a long way is Donald Bradman as he transcends his sport in a way that Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Pele for example, can only dream of, but, as ESPN doesn't cover it it doesn't count.

17. I fell in love with America the first time I came here in 1989. When I got home my best friend told me that I end up living here. Little did we know that 9 years later it would come true.

16. Russian Literatue and Music are one of my greatest passions.

15. I hate doing things like this as I never know what to say!!!

14. The first sporting game I can remember seeing live was West Hartlepool Rugby Club vs Hartlepool Rovers on Boxing Day 1979. West won with hatrick of tries by "Alfie Garnett". West has been a favourite sports team ever since..through the good times and not so good...

13. I only have 40 days left as "Thirties - something"

12. I hate greed, selfishness and unfairness.

11. I believe that quality health care is a right not a priveledge to be only enjoyed by those who can afford it. How else can we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness if we can't go to the doctor's, get sick and die??

10. Did I say I only have 40 days left as "Thirties - something"

9. My wife calls me a "musical snob"!!

8. I can't stand religion.

7. I believe in the Church of "Acts 2". Everyone sharing everything. True "communisim" not "Godless Marxism".

6. I am blessed to have had many wonderful friends and people to influence and teach me over the years.

5. My favourite sports teams are - West Hartlepool Rugby Club, San Jose Earthquakes, Hartlepool United, Durham County Cricket Club and New York Giants.

4. I am opposed to the "three" murders - Abortion, Death Penalty and War.

3. My favourite author is "Tolstoy", favourite pop band "The Beatles", favourite artist "Renoir" and favourite composer "Stravinsky". (Yeah I know that is 4, but I ran outta space!!.

2. I love my wife and look forward to many, many happy years together. I am a very lucky man.

1. The greatest thing I ever did was to accept Christ has my Saviour and be filled with the Holy Spirit. It's a great life, a tough life to live in today's world, but the only true life.



Jarrett said...

I'm assuming you didn't mean St. Petersburg, Florida :)

Richard said...

fortunately no!!

usersyndrome said...

That is a powerful message about your views, experience, and core beliefs. It says a lot about you as a person in so many ways (all positive).

Thanks for sharing! It made me think.