Saturday, April 29, 2006

In memorium. Another sad day in Snowflake rescue. Adobe, a sweet boy who had Feline Leukemia, died today. He was a shy a guy, who learnt to trust, loved and to be happy in his all too short life. He will be greatly missed.

Adobe, again shows why Snowflake is different. It all go back to the wonderful founder. The story is found here We give every animal in our care everything they need and as much time as they need. Not many organisations would even have considered taking Adobe and his sister. Yes, it does leave us open to heartbrake, but, the rewards are worth it.

It sometimes causes controversy and difficult decisions becasue we sometimes can't bring in new cats due to this commitment, but, that's the mission we do. When a scared, frightened, cat learns to trust, sometimes over years and then gets a loving home it is all worth while. Two of own personnel cat's have stories such as this (which I will come to soon). Then taking these "un-adoptable cats" make it all worth-while.


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