Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We went to see the USA Soccer team in a World Cup warm up game vs Jamaica at SAS soccer park in Cary, NC. A great atmosphere, dissapointing game. I was watching it thinking do these players really want to get chosen for the squad? My appraisal of the players and should they go:-

Goalkeeper - Tony Meola. He will not go. He played in this game to be rewarded with his 100th cap.

Defence - Albright played better than I thought he would. Not good enough for the world stage. Pope, a liability. In the World Cup could have easily been sent off for a handball instead of getting a yellow. Should not go. Mastroani was erratic and gave the ball away to much. I think he should be in the squad. Hedjuk was all over the place. I will give him the benefit of thr doubt as he is coming back from injury. He needs to prove himself in league play over the next three weeks.

Midfield - Olson played well for the first 35 mins or so then dissapeared, Donovan skated through as he knows he is a lock. O'Brien made a difference when he came in. Still needs to get fit. I like Dempsey, but, he looked rusty. Noonan and Ralston should not go. Do not have at at this level.

Strikers - Nothing was shown at all. Johnson should go. Wolf definately not. Ching and Twelmann are fighting for possibly one spot. I think Twelmann has the edge, but, the next three weeks in MLS could make a difference.



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