Sunday, April 02, 2006

So, the MLS Season is here. For the first time since 2000 I have not really paid attention to what was going on. However, once the games started I found I had an interest, if not the excitement. I can see it being more like the English Premier League for me. A definate interest with no team to support. I will still follow the Quakes players. I think that will be my main interest.

I did sign up for a MLS Fantasy League Competition I am part of a Triangle Fanatics Group. My Team is called Quakes STILL rule. I tried to get as many players with Earthquakes connection, when they ran out, players with Bay Area connections and finally the last couple of players had English links as did the Manager.

My Team for Week 1 was: Joe Cannon - Colorado (Former Quake), Chad Marshall - Columbus (Stanford University), Todd Dunivant - LA (Former Quake), Kevin Goldthwaite - Houston (current Quake!!), Landon Donovan - LA (Former Quake), Ricardo Clark - Houston (current Quakes), Danny O'Rourke - New York (Former Quake), Dwayne DeRosario - Houston (current Quake), Brian Ching - Houston (current Quake), Chris Brown - Salt Lake (former Quake), Kenny Cooper - Dallas (has played in England). Manager: Steve Nichol - New England (has played in England).
The bench players are: Jon Conway - New York (former Quake), Jimmy Conrad - Kansas (former Quake), Terry Cooke - Colorado ( English), Richard Mulrooney - Dallas (former Quake), Galen Carr - Chicago (Born in Bay Area), Luchi Gonzalez - Colorado (former Quake), Jamil Walker - DC (former Quake) and Arturo Alvarez - Dallas (former Quake)


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