Saturday, October 14, 2006

The next cat we fostered was Stella. She was initially a very scared shy cat at our main foster home. I spent a lot of time with her and she started to trust me and used to come out to me. I think this was the point that discovered spending and time with scared, shy and semi-feral cats and getting them to be trusting, tame and eventually to a "forever" home became a passion of mine.

When her original foster home went through some minor renovations we took Stella as a foster cat. After about a year she found her home. A fantastic young lady who now is fostering Star for us. Stella is doing really, really well in her new home with some brothers and sisters. My work with her and the success of this is one of the inspiration along with Baby Boy as an inspiration to why I am so involved and so passionate about cat rescue.


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kimberley classic said...

Do you have a cat who thinks it is law that where there is a box/bag so a cat must be?

We have one who saves us from breaking the cat mut be in box law every day