Monday, October 09, 2006

The next short poem was written whilst I was waiting outside Buckingham Palace for Louise and her parents to come out. Her Dad was the County Scout Leader for Cheshire and had been invited to one of The Queens garden parties. Etiquette states that the wife plus any un-married daughters are to attend.

On Guard

Not a movement, not a glimmer.
For a home a small black box,
Not a home of your own
It's shared with countless others
AS folks stand and stare.

In the summer it is stiffling
As bright red tunics buttoned up.
And tall hats made of fur
In the winter give no protection
To the wind, the rain, the snow.

But, no matter what
You stand there all alone
As dignatories in posh cars
Or guests all togged up
Seem to pass you unaware.

9th July 1991 - Buckingham Palace, London, England.


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