Sunday, October 01, 2006

The next cats we fostered were/are Fred and Barney. They were returned because of health problems. They were adopted out together as kittens and came back together because Fred had food allergies. Due to the fact that they had to be on special food they had to be kept seperate so when Baby Boy was adopted out we agreed to take them. That was in October 2003 and they are still with us. It became apparant that their health problems were much more chronic. They need to be kept together and not mixed with other cats. They now live happily together in my office at home. They are still up for adoption. However, due, to the health issues and the fact that they need to go together makes it very unlikely that they will and that they will be my office cats for some time to come.

This photo of the boys was taken by a professional photgrapher who has volunteered to take photos for Snowflake. Her name is Katie Seitz and her web-site is found here.


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