Friday, November 24, 2006

Snowflake, unfortunately lost another kitten this week. Frosty. Well, technically he wasn't under our care. Him and his two sisters had been surrended to the vets where they were going to be spayed and neutered before they came to us. As soon as they put the little guy under anesthesia his heart stopped working and despite a valient effort from the vet he could not be resucitated. A necropsy revealed that he had really bad hypotrophic cardiomyiopothy and probably wouldn't have lived very long anyway. Although we never had him in, it still hurts when this happens as our mission is to save these little lives.

Fortunatly his sisters survived and are doing really well. They are in our house as foster kittens. They are 18 weeks old can called Tinstle and Mistletoe.


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