Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wednesday was a very sad day in our house. Barney died. Barney was a foster cat who was really part of our family. His brother Fred (left) and he (right) came to us in October 2003 and have been with us ever since. They both have a weird disease that causes the immune system to be over active. They have fought it for a long time, but, Barney finally lost the battle. He was my special cat. They both shared my home office with me and therefore spent a lot of time with me. Barney used to sit on the desk with me or on my lap whilst I work. He was a pleasure to foster and I am very grateful that he was in my life. The photo above, taken just a few weeks ago, shows him looking healthy and happy and sums him up.

He deterioted very rapidly, and, he was ready to go. The last thing he did was lay in my arms and purr. I will miss him a lot. His brother Fred is home and still fighthing. He is doing better than I thought being on his own and I hope he will fight for a long time yet.

Good bye Barney: I love you and miss you.


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