Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I watched the Oscars Sunday. And got very irritated. I thought the show was pretty good and Ellen did a very good job hosting it.

The problem I had was Al Gore love fest. Yes, global warming is a big issue and is something we have to take seriously, but, the Oscar show is not and will never be the forum. Why?

First of all I am sick to death of Hollywood being holier than thou with the causes they make such a big deal over supporing and championing. The causes are important, but, they come across as they are the only people that (a) know what they are talking about and (b) doing anything about it. The fact is many times they are (a) wrong and (b) most ordinary folks do get involved in causes and community issues and their sacrifice is much greater than the millionaire Hollywood hypocrits.

Second, Al Gore. In many cases his Science is just plain wrong. He is creating a hysteria. How about all the homeless kids in, even this country. How about a health care system that is falling apart, how about out of control violence? Why does he fly around in his own personnel jet? Really helps the environment!! How about at least three homes he has? One had 20 rooms and 8 bathrooms and has an electricity bill that in one month is more than the average Americans annual bill? I had an excuse that it has a zero Carbon impact, well, ok, but this energy consumption has to come from somewhere so even if its does come from non-Carbon based sources the energy he pulls causes others to go the Carbon based sauces there certainly does not have a zero impact.

Again, I believe this issue is important, but, stop preaching until you get your own act together Al. You really are one of the regular "American People".


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