Sunday, February 11, 2007

The next three kittens we fostered were given the nickname "The Geography Kittens". This is because they were named after three important places in Jenn and my life. They came into us the week of November 23rd 2004.

The first to be adopted was Texas, (left with me) a little Black and White short haired boy. He was named after Texas, which is were Jenn was living when we first started dating and where we lived (Edna, Texas, 100 miles South-West of Houston) when we first moved to the States. Texas was adopted the week of December 28th 2004.

The next to go, the week of January 4th 2005 was Jersey (below). She was a sweet little "fluffy" black and white girl. She was adopted to a great family. Jersey was named after New Jersey. This where Jenn and I first met in the Summer of 1989 whilst we were both working at Camp Tecumseh.

The last to get adopted was a Tabby boy called London (left, taken just before he was adopted). He was
adopted the week of January 18th 2005. He was named after London, England where I was living when Jenn and I started dating and where we got engaged (well, in Uxbridge). We also spent the first year of our married life in High Wycombe, just outside London and I worked in London for that year.


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