Sunday, February 11, 2007

The next, very short poem was written on a visit to St. Petersburg. This visit was more of a pligramage for me with my love for everything Russian. St. Petersburg certainly lived up to those expectations. Some spectacular visitas and architecture. I think the Winter Palace is the most amazing building that I have seen.

However, the spectacular was contrasted with the poverty and empty feeling and darkness that could be felt. This was 1993, just before the compete fall of communism, but, after the Berlin wall had fallen and during Gorbechevs Perestroika era.

Love III

You gave me love.
I gave you pain.
You gave me everything.
I gave you nothing.
You said You'd die for me.
I said "so what".
But, You did!

10th May 1993 - St. Petersburg, Russia.


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