Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jazzy was the next cat we fostered. She was a return. By this I mean that she had been adopted out by Snowflake, but, for some reason the people that adopted her did not want her anymore. This is one of the traumatic things that we go through because we give all the cats in our care everything that we have and try our very best to place them in the right home. So, when they come back it hurts. It is generally very, very stressful for the cats. In fact, the first cat that Jenn and I adopted, Jubilee, was the first return we ever saw. She was so stressed and upset that we took her home. If, the people saw how badly affected there cats are I think, I hope they would think twice. In some cases there are genuine reasons, such as bad allergic reactions or illness not allowing them to take care of the cat properly, but, most are very tenuous and very, very weak. In Jazzy's case she came back due to "medical" and "temperament" problems that needed medication. Once she was in our home she was great and did not need any medication and was a very sweet cat. She came to us the week of January 31st 2006 and was adopted very quickly the week later. She is doing really well in her new home.

One of Snowflakes requirements when we adopt out is that if the cat is to be given up for any reason even if it a long time later they will be returned to us. The reason is that we once found a situation where one of our cats was taken to the local animal control and would have been euthanized but for sharp attention from someone there who recognized the Snowflake medical record and new that we would take them back.


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