Friday, June 02, 2006

I read an interesting article in Time. It was essentially about Christian's in Politics, and how in America the "Republican Religious Right" essentially try and speak for all Christian's. The article says Christianity, Religion should be kept out of politics. I agree to some agree as it Christianity is not a political agenda. It is a way of life. If you are Christian every issue, in my opinion, should be decided on it's merit's in light of Scripture not on a Party Political Line. I believe as a Christian you can be a politician, but, it is very difficult not to compromise your faith because to be succesful you need to follow different interest groups, which ever party you are member of and compromise your beliefs.

Is the Republican Party the natural party of Christian's in the US? I would argue on the teaching of Scripture no!! Conservatism essentially teaches personnel gain and greed over as a key to success. This is the opposite to Jesus' teaching and that of the early Church were sharing and commune where the key ingrediants and teaching. This thread runs through the Gospels, Acts and all the Epistles.

So, is the Democrat Party the natural party of Christian's in the US? I would argue on the teaching of Scripture no. The Liberal teaching of today's party is against the moral teaching's of Scripture in such things as homosexuality and abortion.

So, who do we vote for? I think with all integrity it is every Christians, and for that matter every eligible voter's duty to explore every issue and the point of view of each party and weigh up which party has the most that meet the teaching of Scripture (or an individual's point of view). Also it is important to decide are some issue's weighted more than other's. Yes, sometime's in the vote a compromise is needed, but, a vote should be also cast and it must be done with, a researched, responsible attitude. Alignement to one party no matter what is something that I think is dangerous, essentially is a wasted, brain-washed vote.


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