Sunday, June 25, 2006

World Cup Day 15. The final Day of Group Games.

Saudia Arabia 0 Spain 1. Spain continue to be impressive despite playing a completly second team.

Ukraine 1 Tunisia 0. Ukraine recover from their 4-0 drubbing by Spain to qualify for the next round.

Final Group Positions.

1. Spain (Spain)
2. Ukraine (Tunisia)
3. Tunisia (Saudi Arabia)
4. Saudi Arabia (Ukraine)

Switzerland 2 South Korea 0. The Swiss looked very strong in winning the group.

Togo 0 France 2. France very un-impressivly squeak through to the second round.

Final Group Positions:

1. Switzerland (France)
2. France (Switzerland)
3. South Korea (South Korea)
4. Togo (Togo)

So, the first round is over. The most impressive teams: Spain, Argentina, Germany, Ecuador and Switzerland. The most dissapointing: Czech Republic, USA and England.

16 Teams are eliminated. I have ranked them in the order I think should be 17-32.

17 South Korea
18 Paraguay
19 Ivory Coast
20 Czech Republic
21 Poland
22 Croatia
23 Angola
24 Tunisia
25 Iran
25 USA
27 Trinidad and Tobego
28 Japan
28 Saudi Arabia
30 Togo
31 Costa Rica
32 Serbia and Montenegro


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