Sunday, June 25, 2006

World Cup Day 13: The final day of Groups C and D.

Holland 0 Argentina 0. A very disapointing game between these two heavyweights as they both rested a lot of players.

Ivory Coast 3 Serbia and Montenegro 2. Ivory Coast get the consolation win the so richly deserved.

Final Group C Positions (My predictions in brackets)

1. Argentina (Holland)
2. Holland (Argentina)
3. Ivory Coast (Ivory Coast)
4. Serbia and Montenrgro (Serbia and Montenegro)

Portugal 2 Mexico 1
Iran 1 Angola 1. I did not watch these games.

Final Group D positions (my predictions in brackets)

1. Portugal (Portugal)
2. Mexico (Mexico)
3. Angola (Iran)
4. Iran (Angola)


Portugal 2 Mexico 1. Portugal win the group, Mexico finish 2nd.

Iran 1 Angola 1. Angola could not quite get the goals and the win they needed.

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