Sunday, June 25, 2006

World Cup Day 14: The final games for groups E and F.

Ghana 2 USA 1. The US is eliminated by another very disspointing performance. I'm sure a lot of blame will be thrown around, but, in my opinion it has to fall at the feet of Bruce Arena. His team selections and formations did not show any imagination or passion. Yes, some of the ref calls were definitly questionable, but, at the end of the day the performances were below par.

Czech Repbublic 0 Italy 2.

Final group standings:

1. Italy (Czech Republic)
2. Ghana (Italy)
3. Czech Republic (USA)
4. USA (Ghana)

Croatia 2 Australia 2. A great game. Australia did a fantastic job of qulifying for the second round. Another referee nightmare a Graham Poll missed at least one, if not two clear penalties and ended up booking the same Croat three times after forgeting he'd already given him one.

Japan 1 Brazil 4

Final Group Positions:

1. Brazil (Brazil)
2. Australia (Australia)
3. Croatia (Croatia)
4. Japan (Japan)


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