Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup Day 12: The final day of Groups A and B.

Ecuador 0 Germany 3. Impressive finale by the hosts as they win the group.

Costa Rico 1 Poland 2. Poland safe some face.

Final Group A Position: (my prediction from back in December in brackets)

1. Germany (Germany)
2. Ecuador (Poland)
3. Poland (Costa Rico)
4. Costa Rico (Ecuador)

Paraguay 2 Trinidad and Tobego 0. Paraguay finally play like they could ending Trinidad's brave run. They certainly did themselves proud.

Sweden 2 England 2. A much better first half by England before running out of steam again. Silly mistakes cost the win, however, the draw is good enough to qualify for the second round.

Final Group B Position: (my prediction from back in December in brackers)

1 England (Sweden)
2. Sweden (England)
3. Paraguay (Paraguay)
4. Trinidad and Tobego (Trinidad and Tobego)

The seocond round games will be Germany vs Sweden and England vs Ecuador


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