Saturday, December 16, 2006


The towns are fighting.
Riots in the street:-
Fire's lighting,
With a bass drum beat
Of stone's being thrown
At anything breakable.
Through the noise a drone
Is heard. Police trying to make is stable.

The nations are fighting.
Bombs are stockpiled,
Armies are marching.
However mild the problem seems
Panic ensues
As each leader dreams
Of holding all the cues!

The earth is fighting
To stay alive
As pollution is creeping
In a relentless drive
To deprive its natural resources,
To destroy every living thing,
It seems as all the courses
Can only terror bring.

Every person is fighting
An inward fear of turmoil -
A dormant fear no longer sleeping
A peaceful existance to spoil.
Emotions all mixed up
From hate to love and back
As if everyone has a full cup.
The only way out - attack.

God is fighting -
To save man
From all the eveil feeling.
The hatred that began
When Satan dropped to Hell
Through all the work he's done.
Many fell -
Until there came God's "only begotten Son".

12th September 1991 - West Ealing, London, England.


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