Saturday, December 30, 2006


Tall, grim blocks of flats rise high
Above the seeing vision leaving
The view beyond entirely up to the imagination
Of the mind. The mind so young,
So impressionable, unable to appreciate
Situations above and beyond the that known rises
And falls as it tries to reach goals. Goals that
Seem unattainable, seem beyond the scope
Of an immature, unstretched being. University?
A university that teaches, not subjects
Deemed to stimulate, designed to cram
The brain full of information useful
Only in the passing of exams, obtaining a degree
Thats use is beyong negigible, but,
A university who's education develops men.
Graduation is in life, a person that can reach
The very depth of his soul, the very depths
Of his personaliti. A mature, useful mind
That into the world can survive, so the view
Above the flats can be seen.

14th November 1991 - West Ealing, London, England.


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