Saturday, December 23, 2006

I mentioned earlier this week of my love for art. I first gained this love when I was living in London. I regularly visited The National Gallery and The Tate Gallery and spent hours in the impressionist and modern sections especially. My favourite painting and infact the only one I have copy of is "Boating on the Seine" by Pierre Augustus Renoir (below) which is in my home office. I spent hours staring it, especially times when I was feeling stressed just to escape. I often stopped in the Gallery on my way downtown on the way to Concerts at the South Bank. The art and the ambience always put me in the right frame of mood to relax, and soak up the music. Lots of happy memories!! For those visiting the City it is on my top of my list of recommendations to visit.

I am extremely grateful that I married a girl who also loves and enjoys art!!


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