Sunday, September 03, 2006

As I have said many times my first and premium love in sport is West Hartlepool Rugby Club. I recounted in earlier post the up and down history of the club culmating in a glorious rise to the top of the sport before disaster almost killed the club, for it to rise above the embers. This season is a momentus one in the history of the club. It is the 125th anniversary Season a great achievement for a club from a small North-East England Team. Hopefully it will be a succesful Season and the first in a move back up the League pyramid. The history of the team can be found at the link.

A photo I took at Brierton Lane, West Hartlepool's home before it was sold. This picture was taken in a game against West of Scotland (which West won) in about 1989 (I can't exactly remember).


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