Thursday, September 07, 2006

The next poem I am going to post is one I wrote about America during my first visit here in 1989.


They call it the land of milk and honey,
But life is fast an furious.
Children brought up priorities wrong,
Money and possesions are number one.

Your love, however is still there,
People dedicated to spreading
The right aspects of life,
Teaching the kids that You are first.

Thank You Lord for Your workers.
I pray that You will keep them safe
As year by year they strive
To share you to this land.

Camp Tecumseh, New Jersey, USA - August 1989.

After this first trip to the States I fell in love with the country. After I got back home my friends joked that I would end up coming back. Little did I know!! I made some good friends not least among them Jenn and her mother. Again, little did I know how that would end up a few years later. Below is a photo of us from Camp that year.


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