Friday, September 01, 2006

The next poem is momentus only for the fact that it was the first ever in the States. It was written whilst I was a camp counselor at Camp Tecumseh in New Jersey during my summer vacation in 1989 (where I originally met Jenn!!). This poem was written during a week thats theme was Christmas.

Why Christmas?

The Son of God has come,
The shouts from Heaven cried,
A life ahead to tell,
Of His Father's love and Kingdom come.

A little baby born of flesh,
Born so humble, in a barn.
As He grew into a man
He lived for the poor, the lonely and hurt.

Through His life He suffered,
As God's works he carried out,
In the ultimate sacrifice,
He give His life for all the world.

Today, are we any better off?
Christmas and Easter we celebrate,
The true meaning forgotten
As hurting, loneliness and suffering still go on.

Camp Tecumseh, New Jersey, USA - August 1989.


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