Sunday, September 03, 2006

College Football Season started this week. Its something that I would not say I am particular fan of. I without doubt prefer the professional game. However, despite living in the States for over eight years now I am still amazed at the size of College Sports and the interest in it. Back home the only two events in the sports calendar from University sports is the Oxford University vs Cambridge University boat race on the Thames and the Oxford University vs Cambridge University Rugby game at Twickenham in London. I had the priviledge of going to both these events whilst I was living in London. It was a great experience and a fantastic atmosphere. However, to imagine events like these every week in all the major Universities is staggering. Over 100,000 people attending a COLLEGE game every week. Wow!!

As I never went to University over here I do not have a team to support, which is one reason that I have not really got in to it. I do enjoy watching games when I get the chance. However, there are probably three teams that I could put into the "follow" category. They are The University of Texas Longhorns because of when and where I lived in Edna, Texas they were the team nearly everyone I associated with supported, The University of Nebraska Cornhuskers because Jenn's family come from Nebraska and the are Cornhusker fans and finally North Carolina State University Wolfpack because they are the nearest team to where we live in Raleigh and I actually drive past their Stadium when I go into the office. During the College Football Season I will include their scores on my "Score Update" post.


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