Monday, September 04, 2006

Who needs Beckham?

The is a long standing rumour that David Beckham will end is career over here in the States in MLS. All this will not be a bad way for him to finish his career and will not be bad for MLS. However, it iritates me because the league has players of spectacular skill which can compete with those in Europe. Just because they play in the League here they cannot be as good. Yes, I am still annoyed with the league for the way they treated my beloved San Jose Earthquakes but I still believe in this league and want it to suceed.

The reason why I got thinking about this is Dwayne De Rosario. Although he no longer plays for the the defuct Quakes he will be a Quake forever as will all the ex-Quakes be they had the re-located Houston Dynano team or any other team so I will follow their career until the Earthquake return.

David Beckham first really became famous for one goal he scored in August 1996 against Wimbledon from the half way line:

David Beckham - Goal From Half - video powered by Metacafe

Well, this Saturday Dwayne did the same against Chicago Fire. It can be seen here. He also won the goal of the year in 2005 and 2004. He also scored the spectacular game winner in this years All Star game against Chelsea aswell as the Golden Goal winner in the 2001 MLS Final againt the hated Los Angeles Galaxy in Columbus, Ohio. Watch these goals and you will see what I mean.


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